Whole Transcriptome Sequencing


Whole Transcriptome is the sum of all transcript information transcribed by a specific tissue or cell in a specific state, including coding and non-coding RNA. At present, whole transcriptome sequencing mainly detects mRNA, lncRNA, microRNAs and circRNA. At the same time, four RNA levels are analyzed and competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) is analyzed to explore the regulatory network mechanism of potential transcription level.

Data analysis Pipeline





Technological Advantages

It can simultaneously detect mRNA, lncRNA, circRNA and microRNA, and integrate ceRNA with multiple RNA information to explore its potential regulatory network mechanism.

It can be used to analyze the regulation of ceRNA network of two or more RNA types, which helps to narrow the scope of screening and excavate key genes.

On the one hand, the sample size is saved; on the other hand, using the same batch of samples improves the comparability of research results.

On the basis of transcriptome, the research content of non-coding RNA is added, which is helpful to improve the publication level of the paper.

北京赛车pk10投注The experimental materials have few limitations and high cost performance, and do not need too many molecular experiments.

Biomarker Successful Cases

Through the Whole Transcriptome Sequencing, not only four kinds of RNA (lncRNA, mRNA, circRNA and microRNA) standard analysis can be obtained simultaneously, but also a co-expression regulatory network can be constructed for the regulation mechanism among the four kinds of RNA, so as to quickly find the key RNA related to phenotype concern.Since establishment 10 years ago, the Biomarker Technology has assisted clients to publish more than 50 articles, accumulated over 160 points of impact factors, and accumulated rich experience in project analysis.

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