Transcriptome Sequencing


Transcriptome sequencing is a sequencing technique that detects all the mRNAs that can be transcribed by a specific cell in a certain functional state.Transcriptome sequencing can study gene expression and gene structure and reveal the molecular mechanism in a specific biological process.It has been widely used in basic research, clinical diagnosis, drug research and development, molecular breeding and other fields.

Data analysis Pipeline

Project experience

Since establishment 10 years ago, the Biomarker Technology has assisted clients to publish more than 280 articles, accumulated over 850 points of impact factors, and accumulated rich experience in project analysis. So far, we has completed more than 60,000 samples, covering model animals, poultry, insects, aquatic products, cash crops, trees, Chinese herbal medicine and so on.

Biomarker Successful Cases

[1] Enhanced ROS scavenging and sugar accumulation contribute to drought tolerance of naturally occurring autotetraploids in Poncirus trifoliata[J]. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2018, IF=7.443.

[2] Transcriptome analysis identifies azinc finger protein regulating starch degradation in kiwifruit[J]. Plant Phisiology, 2018, IF=5.949.

[3] Genome-wide association study and transcriptome analysis provide new insights into the white/red earlobe color formation in chicken[J].Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, 2018, IF=5.5.

[4] The auxin receptor TIR1 homolog (PagFBL1) regulates adventitious rooting through interactions with Aux/IAA28 in Populus[J]. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2018, IF=7.443.

[5] OsPRR37 confers an expanded regulation of the diurnal rhythms of the transcriptome and photoperiodic flowering pathways in rice[J]. Plant Cell and Enviroment, 2018, IF=6.173.

[6] MuMADS1 and MaOFP1 regulate fruit quality in a tomato ovate mutant[J]. Plant Biotechnology Journal北京赛车pk10投注, 2017, IF=7.443.

[7] Associations among dietary non-fiber carbohydrate, ruminal microbiota and epithelium G-protein-coupled receptor, and histone deacetylase regulations in goats[J]. Microbiome, 2017, IF=8.496.

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