Metagenomic Sequencing


Metagenomic provides information both about which organisms are present and what metabolic processes are possible in the community. Because vast majority of natural microorganisms cannot be isolated and cultured or cloned by traditional analysis methods, next-generation high throughput DNA sequencing techniques enable us to directly sequence all genetic material in all organisms present in a given complex environmental sample. Metagenomic sequencing has no primer bias, allows the simultaneous study of all microbes (bacteria,  archaea, eukaryotes and viruses) , enables the study of metabolic pathways, can identify  down to the species level (and possibly even strain level). 

Application Region

Human: mouth, skin, feces, intestines。。。

北京赛车pk10投注 Animals: rumen, intestines...Plant: mycorrhiza, endophytes...

Soil: grassland, mine, glaciers, frozen soil。。。

Water: sea water, river water...

Industry: fermentation broth, koji...

Insects: mosquitoes, mites...

北京赛车pk10投注 Environment: mine, volcano, air..

Data analysis Pipeline

Advantages and Application Areas

High production: We have complete over 500 projects, sequenced over 30,000 samples.
First to launch the ONT metagenomic genome to detect bacterial genomes in environmental samples
Effective analysis: Quality service: We provide advanced sequencing platform(illumina, pacbio and Nanopore), experienced staff to assist you with experimental design, effective workflow, popular bioinformatics analysis technologies, and cost-efficient price.

Metagenomics Classic Cases

[1] Structure and function of the global topsoil microbiome,2018,Nature.

[2] Critschristoph A, Diamond S, Butterfield C N, et al. Novel soil bacteria possess diverse genes for secondary metabolite biosynthesis.[J]. Nature, 2018, 558(7710):440.Nature.

[3] 北京赛车pk10投注Su J Q, An X L, Li B, et al. Metagenomics of urban sewage identifies an extensively shared antibiotic resistome in China[J]. Microbiome, 2017, 5(1):84.Microbiome.

[4] 北京赛车pk10投注Younge N E, Araújopérez F, Brandon D, et al. Early-life skin microbiota in hospitalized preterm and full-term infants.[J]. Microbiome, 2018, 6(1):98-.Microbiome.

[5] Liping H , Jon M I S , Hansen K R , et al. Novel prosthecate bacteria from the candidate phylum Acetothermia[J]. The ISME Journal, 2018.The ISME Journal.

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