Bulked Segregant Analysis


Bulked Segregant Analysis (BSA) has been extensively used in gene mapping through selecting some individuals with extreme phenotypes from biparental populations, mixing equal DNA from each individual as a pool. It is a significant cost reduction method to detect DNA markers or genes linked to target traits.

Data analysis Pipeline



Advantages and Application Areas

1. Analysis experience: we have built a series of complete analysis processes and have conducted hundreds of BSA analysis in recent years for nearly one hundred of species

2。 Publications: our customers have published more than 50 articles using BSA strategy with Biomarker’s assistance。 Some papers were published in internationally renowned journals, such as Journal of Experimental Botany, the Plant Journal and Plant Biotechnology Journal。 The cumulative impact factor of all papers was mare than 150。 

Biomarker Successful Cases

[1] The major-effect QTL CsARN6.1 encodes an AAA-ATPase domain-containing protein that is associated with waterlogging stress tolerance through promoting adventitious root formation. the Plant Journal, 2018, IF=5.90

[2] Phytochrome A signal transduction 1 and CONSTANS-LIKE 13 coordinately orchestrate shoot branching and flowering in leafy Brassica juncea. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2018, IF=6.30

[3] RAP codes for a GST anthocyanin transporter that is essential for the foliage and fruit coloration in strawberry. Journal of Experimental Botany, 2018, IF=5.35

[4] Identification of anthocyanin biosynthesis genes in rice pericarp using PCAMP. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2019, IF=6.30

[5] Fine mapping and candidate gene screening of the downy mildew resistance gene RPF1 in Spinach. Theoretical and Applied Genetic, 2018, IF=4.13

[6] Fine mapping of a male sterility gene ms‑3 in a novel cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) mutant. Theoretical and Applied Genetic, 2017, IF=3.73

[7] Physical mapping and candidate gene prediction of fertility restorer gene of cytoplasmic male sterility in cotton. BMC Genomics, 2018, IF=3.73

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