Animal and Plant Genomes Denovo


De novo sequencing, Ab initio genome sequencing refers to the mapping of the whole genome sequence of the species without relying on the reference genome, so as to obtain all the genetic information of the species.

When the size of the genome is known or the results of the survey map are available, the genome assembly and basic analysis are carried out based on three generations of sequencing technology to obtain high-quality genome sequences, which lays a foundation for the research of genomics, molecular breeding and environmental adaptation of the species。

Data analysis Pipeline



Advantages and Application Areas

1. With a comprehensive sequencing platform, choose any as you like;

2. Rich project experience, more than 500 research cases;

3. Professional analysis team, complete process system;

4. Over 20 articles have been accumulated,Influencing factors exceed 200.

Biomarker Successful Cases

Date Speices Periodical Influence Factor Article Title
2019 pistachio Genome Biology 13.214 Whole genomes and transcriptomes reveal adaptation and domestication of pistachio
2019 Rape Nature communications 12.353 Whole-genome resequencing reveals Brassica napus origin and  genetic loci involved in its improvement
2019 Paper mulberry Molecular Plant 9.326

A Chromosome-Scale Genome Assembly of Paper Mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)

 Provides New Insights into Its Forage and Papermaking Usage

2019 Weedy Rice Molecular Plant 9.326 Genomic Analysis and De novo Assembly Reveal the Origin of Weedy Rice as an Evolutionary Game
2018 marmot iScience Hypoxic and cold adaptation insights from the Himalayan marmot genome
2018 cotton Nature Genetics 27.125

Reference genome sequences of two cultivated allotetraploid cottons,

 Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium barbadense

2018 sugarcane Nature Genetics 27.125 Allele-defined genome of the auto polyploid sugarcane Saccharum spontaneum L.
2018 cotton Nature Genetics 27.125

Resequencing of 243 diploid cotton accessions based on an updated A genome identifies

  the genetic basis of key agronomic traits

2018 wild peanut Giga Science 7.276 Genome of an allotetraploid wild peanut Arachis monticola: a denovo assemble
2018 Sand Holly Giga Science 7.276 Long-read sequencing and de novo genome assembly of Ammopiptanthus nanus,a desert shrub
2018 rice Molecular Plant 9.326

N6-Methyladenine DNA Methylationin Japonica and Indica Rice Genomes and

 Its Association with Gene Expression, Plant Development and Stress Responses

2016 mustard Nature Genetics 27.125

The genome sequence of allopolyploid Brassica juncea and analysis of differential homoeolog

 gene expression influencing selection

2013 Kiwifruit Nature Genetics 12.353 Draft genome of the kiwifruit Actinidia chinensis

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