Amplicon Sequencing


Analysis of amplicon with high-throughput sequencing have made it possible for taxonomic identification. Generally, using the hypervariable regions of 16S rRNA genes, which is part of every bacterial and archaeal genome and is highly conserved, bacteria can be taxonomically classified by comparison of the amplicon sequence to known sequences that have been included in microbial databases . This work similarly in the fungal domain with the 18S rRNA gene or internal transcribed spacers (ITS) located between rRNA genes.

Application Region

Human: mouth, skin, feces, intestines...

Animals: rumen, intestines...Plant: mycorrhiza, endophytes...

Soil: grassland, mine, glaciers, frozen soil...

Water北京赛车pk10投注: sea water, river water...

Industry: fermentation broth, koji...

Insects: mosquitoes, mites...

Environment: mine, volcano, air..

Data analysis Pipeline

Advantages and Application Areas

High production: We have completed over 4,000 Projects for sequencing or analysis, generating more than 65 published articles that have been included in SCI.

Quality service: We have constructed a powerful computing platforms, with the easy one button operation, a completed analysis report will be obtained within a few hours. We provide advanced sequencing technology, professional operation procedure, cutting-edge bioinformatics software, latest database, affordable price, fast turnaround time, timely reply for consults and expert technical support to assist with data interpretation.

Biomarker Successful Cases

Date Article Title Periodical Influence Factor Sample 

Chen K, Luan X, Liu Q, et al. Drosophila Histone Demethylase KDM5

Regulates Social Behavior through Immune Control and Gut Microbiota Maintenance

Cell Host & Microbe 16.03 stool
2017 Melatonin prevents obesity through modulation of gut microbiota in mice Journal of Pineal Research 9.31 Stool

associations among dietary non-fiber carbohydrate, ruminal 北京赛车pk10投注microbiota

 and epithelium G-protein-coupled receptors and histone deacetylases regulations in goats

Microbiome 8.49 Rumen rumen
2019 Thiothrix eikelboomii Interferes Oxygen Transfer in Activated Sludge Water Research 7.09 sludge

Roles of different active metal-reducing bacteria in arsenic release

 from arsenic-contaminated paddy soil amended with biochar

Journal of Hazardous Materials 6.34 Biochar + soil

Effects of individual and combined zinc oxide nanoparticle, norfloxacin,

 and sulfamethazine contamination on sludge anaerobic digestion

Bioresource Technology 5.81 Sludge

Effects of individual and complex ciprofloxacin, fullerene C60, and ZnO nanoparticles on sludge digestion: 

Methane production, metabolism, and microbial community

Bioresource Technology 5.807 sludge

Nitrogen removal performance and microbial community changes in 

subsurface wastewater infiltration systems (SWISs) at low temperature with different bioaugmentation strategies

Bioresource Technology 5.807 Sewage
2017 Achieving partial denitrification through control of biofilm structure during biofilm growth in denitrifying biofilter Bioresource Technology 5.65 Biofilm
2018 Lack of short-chain fatty acids and overgrowth of opportunistic pathogens define dysbiosis of neurom Multiple Sclerosis Journal 5.28 Stool

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