About us

Based on the development and application of high-throughput sequencing and biotechnology, Biomarker carries out the main business of science and technology services, medical gene detection and biotechnology cloud platform. It mainly serves scientific research institutions, research institutes, independent laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural breeding companies and other institutions at home and abroad, as well as medical and health institutions, company customers and public customers. At present, its business has covered more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country.

BMK is a leading provider of genomic services and solutions, owning the molecular laboratory and medical laboratory with an area of more than 2,000 square meters。 BioNano Irys system, Illumina HiSeq 2500, HiSeq 4000, Miseq, Navoseq, DA Proton, PacBio RSII, Pacbio Sequel, Nanopore MinION, Nanopore GridION X5, and Nanopore PromethION have been introduced with deep pocket。 BMK utilizes professional, multi-level, and multi-selection sequencing platforms, scientific excellence, a commitment to customer service and unsurpassed data quality to help our clients evolving the world of genomics, and becomes a leader in high throughput sequencing services in China, providing a solid foundation for genetic sequencing analysis。

Our mission

Innovation of biotechnology
serving the society
benefiting the people
Creating Biotechnology Innovation Center and Establishing Bioindustry Signature Enterprises

10 years of experience

Applied for 45 invention patents, 183 software copyrights, 102 trademarks,15 Zhongguancun and Beijing new technology and new products.
More than 1000 high-level papers published in top international magazines on《Nature Genetics》,《Nature Communications》,《Plant Cell》,The impact factor adds up to over 3000.

Data analysis platform

Consists of a high-performance computing platform and a massive-data analysis platform.

北京赛车pk10投注The high-performance computing platform is comprised of CPUs with 41,104 memory and 3PB total storage, and 4,260 computing cores with peak computing power over 121,708.8 Gflop per seconds.

The massive-data analysis platform is built upon the cloud services that provides users 100+ self-developed professional bioinformatics analysis software and hundreds of database resources and offers users a user-friendly visual operating system.

In addition to that, another data center has been built.

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